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David and Penny Adler Endowed Scholarship Fund

In helping to found the Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, David Adler, Pharm.D. a UC San Francisco faculty member practicing with UC San Diego Healthcare, engaged local and state-wide support in the professional community and played a vital role in the multi-year and stepwise process in shepherding the application for a new school and pharmacy program at UC San Diego through the School of Medicine, the UC San Diego General campus, the Academic Senate and UC Office of the President. Dr. Adler, with the support of Penny Adler, has set the standard for combining academic leadership in founding a fully accredited pharmacy school in San Diego and developing pharmacy-centered clinical practices, such as the anti-coagulation clinics, within UC San Diego Healthcare. His innovative practice set the standards nationally for establishing centers of therapeutic care in areas where a depth of knowledge of pharmaceutical and medical specialties is required.

Binh and Ton Tran Endowed Scholarship Fund

Binh Tran, Pharm.D., as a member of our volunteer faculty and with the abiding support of Ton Tran, MD., has transformed health care access and opportunities for recent immigrants and their families of Asian descent. Not only have her services brought untold benefits to the San Diego community in averting hepatitis morbidity and averting other infectious diseases as well as educating these groups on management of chronic conditions. Indeed, her endeavors have been of immense value in onsite training our pharmacy students in pharmaceutical care for underserved communities.

Dr. Tran’s outstanding volunteer service continues for the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at UC San Diego and the practice of pharmacy in the State of California, through many community venues including the Asian Pacific Health Foundation. Our founding faculty have honored Binh Tran, Pharm.D., through the Binh and Ton Tran Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Dr. Dong To Memorial Fellowship

Dr. Dong To was the Dean of the Saigon School of Pharmacy and a member of the Vietnamese boat people, forced from Vietnam with the fall of Saigon, emigrating to the United States. Given his background, he helped guide many Vietnamese pharmacists through the education and training necessary for developing a knowledge and practice base for taking the California and National Board examinations and becoming a practicing pharmacist in California. Their number approaches 100, and many of these people have encouraged pharmacy education in their families. Dr. To’s insights and support of his colleagues from Southeast Asia has resulted in the necessary diversity of the practicing pharmacists and research scientists.

William Marcus Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund

William (Bill) Marcus, J.D. was the founding Law and Ethics instructor for the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Marcus, an established faculty member at UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy, and author of key textbooks on pharmacy law and its evolution over the years, established pharmacy law and ethics as a required course and subject area of study in the first year of the curriculum. With his academic experience and J.D. degree he offered new perspectives on pharmacy law and its interpretation for the benefit of the patient. Integral to his course offerings were commitments to the charter and succeeding classes in developing an ethical standard for the practice centered around the patient.

Art Mlodozeniec Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund

Arthur (“Art”) Mlodozeniec, Ph.D. joined the Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2005, where he traveled from the San Francisco Bay area weekly to lead the Pharmaceutics II courses in the Winter quarter. In this course he implemented the first reverse-engineering poster session, where the students take prescribed and dispensed pharmaceuticals back through the clinical indications, formulations used and its activity in humans to the discovery of the active pharmacological agent. Student research of the literature and their poster presentations are still being used in the first year pharmacy course at UC San Diego today. As a consultant, Dr. Mlodozeniec worked for multiple large pharmaceutical companies, but took particular pride in helping fledgling pharmaceutical companies under development and the emergence of their potential products. He was equally passionate about teaching Pharm.D. and Ph.D. students, and his commitment to creative pharmacy students is still reflected in the curriculum today.

Godwin & Patricia Okeke Foundation Endowed

Chukwuemeka (Emeka) Okeke, Pharm.D. is an alumnus of the Class of 2012 at the UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and while as a student, helped create the first Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) elective in Nigeria. Through this experience, pharmacy students were able provide direct patient care through a clinic model fashioned after the UC San Diego Student-run free clinics and through participation with the Rise Global Health Initiative for the treatment of epilepsy. Dr. Okeke continues to be intensively involved in a variety of global health education and clinical initiatives today, traveling frequently to support this multinational endeavor.

History of Pharmacy Education and Practice in San Diego County

This accessible, time-line display, being enlarged in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Education Center lobby is designed to show the development of an increased sophistication and scope of pharmacy practice in San Diego County as well as UC, San Diego’s commitment to pharmacy education in the new millennium (Fall 2002 Charter Class entry-2017). The origins start with natural products and tribal medicine of the Native Americans, but continue with UC San Diego Healthcare becoming the site of the largest site for Advanced Practice Experiences for UC San Francisco, a campus to the North of us that absorbed pharmacy in the University of California ~40 years after statehood and continued as the lone UC pharmacy school until 2002. The display reveals our commitment to pharmacy education of recent immigrant populations, particularly those from Vietnam, our achieving diversity in pharmacy practice for minority groups and individuals of various biogeographic origins, the Skaggs family commitment to our educational goals of achieving joint pharmacy-medicine education and the launching of a free-standing pharmacy school in San Diego. Most of you, as alumni, faculty, university staff, residents, and San Diego community friends of the School, contributed to our success are part of our endeavor.

Susan and Palmer Taylor Endowed Scholarship Fund

Palmer Taylor, Ph.D. is the Founding and Emeritus Dean of the Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. His visions to start a pharmacy school at one of the Nation’s top ten research intensive universities and academic health centers and then link Pharm. D. and M.D. (medical) education are accomplishments that no other institution in the United States has achieved in recent decades. Susan Taylor, a Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacology and premier research investigator in protein structure and drug targets, has been involved in teaching P2 students metabolic biochemistry, joint teaching of medical and pharmacy students and facilitating cross-campus research in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

Tom Tozer Endowed Scholarship Fund

Tom Tozer, Pharm.D., Ph.D. was the founding instructor in the pharmaceutics series for the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. He co-authored with Malcolm Roland leading textbooks in pharmacokinetics entitled, “Clinical Pharmacokinetics: Concepts and Applications, and Introduction to Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, texts he used in his courses. He was a highly creative research investigator and professor at UC San Francisco for over three decades. Dr. Tozer’s imprint on the UC San Diego curriculum in engrained in our curriculum, since he has trained several of the students, who now serve as volunteer or career faculty at UC, San Diego. Dr. Tozer, whose father, Clayton ran the Tozer Drug store in Julian, California, has had long standing San Diego County ties and is well remembered for his supportive, “grandfather of pharmacy” image in helping pharmacy students through the rigorous and quantitatively-intense pharmaceutics courses that he taught in San Diego.