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Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP-UCSD)

  • AMCP UCSD is an organization that aims to promote sound managed care pharmacy principles through education and professional development of its student pharmacist members. to encourage the education and support the advancement of managed care pharmacy. The purpose of the organization is to enhance the common academic and professional interests of the Chapter members, offer professional opportunities and leadership within managed care pharmacy, and establish, develop, promote, and conduct educational programs relating to and improving health, especially as it relates to the delivery of pharmacy services through managed care pharmacy.
  • Exec Board:
    • President: Cindy Lau
    • President Elect: Jamie Ta
    • Professional Development Chair: Samantha Ma
    • Community Affairs Chair: Emily Richards
    • Secretary: Jeffrey He
    • Treasurer: Erica Lee
    • VP Of Communications: Jessie Wang
  • http://amcpucsd.wix.com/amcp