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Class of 2016

P4 Class Officers

    • President: Andrina Ching
    • VP of Finance: Tuyet Phan
    • VP of Info Resources: Esther Park
    • Social Chair: Brittney Choi
  • We are all really, really ridiculously good looking... But seriously, our class is very outgoing and always motivated to get involved in different organizations/activities. We are the epitome of the phrase, "play hard study hard" Besides being extremely proficient at multitasking, our class is also very talented; we have musicians, ballroom dancers, gamers, surfers, amazing cooks, athletes and so much more. Honestly, this is the nicest group of people that you will ever meet. We are always willing to help each other out academically or socially, whether someone needs a ride to the airport or needs help cramming for a final. When we say we are a "Pharmily" we definitely mean it. We always have each other's backs! Being a part of the class of 2016 is non-stop fun. Even though there's a ton of studying to do, we always make time to enjoy one another's company on our class outings. The class of 2016 is defined by every unique individual, all 56 of us. And did we mention we are a pretty good looking group? ;))
Class of 2016