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Class of 2018

  • P2 Class Officers
    • President: Theodore Nguyen
    • VP of Info Resource: Erin Lee
    • VP of Finance: Michael Kirakossian
    • Social Chair: Aneri Parikh
  • The Class of 2018 is a bit different. We knew we were from day one. All 69 of us were already breaking the mold when they told us we were the largest class size in the history of UCSD SPPS. From that first day forward, we understood the potential impact we could make on the school, in the pharmacy field, and in each other’s lives.
  • With an entering average undergraduate GPA of 3.7, the Class of 2018 demonstrates a student body with a high motor and an insatiable enthusiasm for education. However, our appetite isn’t satisfied with just degrees and grade points. The mosaic of our individual talents and unique traits is a testament. To name a few, we have chefs, foodies, graphic artists, musicians, programmers, gamers, web designers, marathon runners, weightlifters, sports fanatics, surfers (in San Diego?!), bikers, skateboarders, barbers, make-up artists, aspiring YouTube stars, rappers, Bollywood dancers, and professional nappers (it’s actually a talent).
  • Despite the riches of individuality, we find a way to use our different strengths to bring it all together. Whether we are learning a list of medications and their adverse effects, looking at drug design, or just studying study designs, we always lift up one another. We are confident that when we do, it’s not a matter of if we’re going to succeed, it’s a matter of how much we’ll succeed by. We celebrate our accomplishments with each other and continue to grow through lunches, potlucks, beach activities, night outings and even cabin trips to Big Bear.
  • So, the Class of 2018 IS different, but we keep swimming together, like a school of 69 unique fishes. We have different sizes, different patterns, different qualities, but continue to move towards the same destination. With that destination in mind, we can confidently say that the Class of 2018 is, “individually unique, together complete.”