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Class of 2019

  • P1 Class Officers
    • President: Michael Lam
    • VP of Info Resource: Lillian Tao
    • VP of Finance: Alice Blaj
    • Social Chair: Andrew U
    • GSA Representative: Patrick Torres
  • “All for one and one for all” is the motto for the Skaggs Class of 2019. We are a group of 62 elite professional students who will shape the future of pharmacy and healthcare in this country. This class epitomizes the vibrancy, diversity, and brilliance of life– among our esteemed colleagues, we are privileged to count a former military helicopter pilot, a fisherman, research scientists, master chefs, and just to have our bases covered, we have our very own in-house lawyer. One of the many remarkable traits about our class is our team-oriented attitude– we rise and sink as one. We all get along very well and work together like a well-oiled machine. Our class actively volunteers at outreaches, participates at health fairs, and educates people in our community. Everyone has membership with multiple pharmacy organizations and we proactively seek new ways to get involved, be engaged, and prepare for tomorrow’s leadership, today. Outside of school, we like to hang out, explore San Diego, and engage in activities that broaden our horizons and enrich our perspectives. We are one big family and we are excited to spend the next four years together. We look forward to creating life long memories and plan to keep in touch forever. We take great pride to attend one of the best pharmacy schools in the world and we are extremely proud to have each other as classmates. The Class of 2019 is filled with energy, faith, and dedication to transform healthcare in this country.