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Dr. Grace M. Kuo

Practice-Based Research on Medication Safety, Comprehensive Medication Management, and Pharmacogenomics Education

Grace M. Kuo

Grace M. Kuo, Pharm.D., M.P.H., Ph.D., FCCP

Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
Associate Dean for Strategic Planning and Program Development
Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


(858) 822-7751

Research Summary: Medication Safety. CMM. Pharmacogenomics Education

Dr. Kuo and her research team evaluate medication safety practices at the system, provider, and patient levels. She has conducted research projects to:

  1. evaluate effects of electronic medical records on medication safety;
  2. implement best practices for safe use of medications;
  3. assess effects of patients’ health literacy on medication safety;
  4. analyze types of medication errors reported by clinicians; and
  5. measure safety cultures in practices.

Collaborating with physicians and pharmacists, Dr. Kuo has helped to design, implement, and evaluate medication management services for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, mental health, anticoagulation, and asthma.

Dr. Kuo is the Program Director for PharmGenEd™, a pharmacogenomics education program that strives to educate clinicians and students about concepts and clinical applications of pharmacogenomics.

Dr. Kuo is also the Director of SDPharmNet™, where pharmacists from various practice settings are collaborating to provide the best practices, tools and resources for pharmaceutical care and medication therapy management services. 

Academic Achievements


B.S. in Psychobiology (1985) UCLA; B.S. in Pharmacy (1988) Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences; Pharm.D. (1998) OSU College of Pharmacy and OHSU School of Medicine; Specialized Residency in Primary Care (1998-1999) NIH Clinical Center; M.P.H. (2005) UTHS-Houston School of Public Health; Ph.D. (2011) UTHS-Houston School of Public Health. 

Awards and Honors:

TSHP Lewis S. Smith Pharmacy Practitioner Award (2002); ASHP Foundation Literature Award for Innovation in Pharmacy Practice in Health Systems (2005); AHRQ Mentored Clinical Scientist Career Development Award (2005-2010); ACCP- Southern California Chapter Research Award (2010); Member of Delta Omega National Honorary Society in Public Health (2011); ACCP Fellow (2011); Asian Heritage Award in health and Medicine (2012). 

Leadership Experience:

Program Director of SPUR-Net; (2001-2007); Director of SDPharmNet; (2008-present); Program Director of PharmGenEd (2009-present); Director of ACCP PBRN (2009-2010); Council of Chairs (2013-present); Chair of UCSD AHPEC Committee (2013-2014); ACCP Research Institute Board of Trustees (2015-present).  


  • Pharmacy Informatics (SPPS 205)
  • Clinical Research Design and Applications (SPPS 208)
  • Pharmacogenomics (SPPS 219)
  • Family Medicine APPE
  • Medical Errors/Safety Culture (SOM)
  • Pharmacogenomics Concepts and Clinical Applications (SOM MOSD240)

Key Contributions to Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Improved medication safety through practice-based translational research.
  • Established physician and pharmacist collaborative practice for medication therapy management with reimbursement models in ambulatory care clinics.
  • Disseminated pharmacogenomics information to clinicians and students.
  • Pioneered formation of regional and national practice- based research networks for pharmacists and physicians.

Selected Recent Publications (from >60 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters)