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Dr. Linda Awdishu

Kidney Diseases

Linda Awdishu

Linda Awdishu, Pharm.D., MAS

Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor of Pharmacy
Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


(858) 534-3919

Research Summary: Kidney Diseases

Dr. Awdishu’s research program involves pharmacokinetics of drugs and dosing in kidney disease. Currently, Dr. Awdishu is co-directing The International Drug Induced Renal Injury Consortium (DIRECT) in collaboration with The International Serious Adverse Event Consortium (iSAEC).

DIRECT will investigate the genetic basis of serious drug induced renal injury, through a collaborative network comprised of leading clinical research centers from around the world.

Academic Achievements

Education:B.S. in Pharmacy (1999) University of Toronto; Pharm.D. (2008) University of Colorado; Masters of Advanced Studies in Clinical Research (2007) University of California, San Diego.

Awards and Honors: : Award for Excellence in Medication Use Safety, American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists Foundation (2014); Barbara and Paul Saltman Distinguished Teaching Award, UC San Diego Academic Senate (2015); Teacher of the Year, UCSD School of Pharmacy (2012); Apples for Preceptors Award, UCSF School of Pharmacy (2008); Preceptor of the Year Award, UCSD Pharmacy Practice Residency Program (2007); San Diego Preceptor of the Year Award, UCSF School of Pharmacy (2006); Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacy National Schering Award for Pharmacokinetics (2003); Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacy, Ontario Branch Douglas J Stewart Award for Hospital Administrators (2002).

Leadership Experience: Director of Interprofessional Education and Simulation, Manager of UC San Diego Health Systems Chronic Kidney Disease Program.


  • Pharmacy: Therapeutics (SPPS 212A), APPE (Ambulatory Care Chronic Kidney Disease and Solid Organ Transplant), Pharmacy residency rotations in ambulatory care, Objective Structured Clinical Experiences, Inter-professional Education Experiences
  • Medicine: Interprofessional Education experiences and research mentor.
  • Masters for Advanced Studies in Clinical Research: Faculty Mentor, Research Mentor

Key Contributions to Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Developed institutional Pharmacy and Therapeutics Protocols for Prescribing in Renal Disease as well as electronic algorithms for renal dosage adjustments.
  • Implemented electronic GFR reporting at the clinical laboratories for UCSD Medical Center.
  • Developed and leads a multidisciplinary Chronic Kidney Disease Program at UC San Diego Health System. http://health.ucsd.edu/specialties/nephrology/Pages/chronic-kidney-disease.aspx
  • Project leader for the development of patient education videos for the Chronic Kidney Disease Program: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOaegTYfii7Gl9ytqZa8i_Q
  • Developed clinical pharmacy transplant services at UCSD Medical Center.
  • Clinical research in chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury in the ambulatory and hospitalized patient populations.

Selected Recent Publications (view more)

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Potential Collaborative Programs with the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Pharmacogenomic studies of drug induced nephrotoxicity.
  • Pharmacokinetic studies in kidney disease and transplantation.