UCSD Software Licensing
Information on favorable campus pricing arrangements for some software and operating systems can be found here.

UCSD Rules and Regulations
  1. Each computer must have its firewall operative
  2. Turn off printer and file sharing on Windows machines
  3. OS must be patched and up to date.
  4. Antivirus must be running. UCSD has a site license to Sophos, which should be installed not only on Windows but also Mac and Linux: http://software.ucsd.edu/productfiles/sophos.shtml
  5. User accounts password protected (pretty obvious)
  6. Every machine on the UCSD network is supposed to be registered. There is one registration form for ethernetted machines, and another for wirelessly connected machines. The main pieces of information apparently are your university username and the Mac address of your machine. Here are the registration pages:
    1. Ethernetted machines: www-no.ucsd.edu/ono-cgi-bin/etherform/etherform.pl
    2. Wireless registration: www-no.ucsd.edu/ono-cgi-bin/etherform/wirelessform.pl
    3. (Note that the “Network username” is just the name in your email address (e.g., mgilson in mgilson@ucsd.edu)
UCSD IT scans computers and looks for vulnerabilities. If it finds a vulnerability on your machine, it will in principle email you a warning. After multiple ignored warnings, they will turn off your port at the campus border, so you will be able to go to UCSD sites, but not outside. If this happens, then update antivirus, etc., and send email to acthelp@ucsd.edu informing that your port is turned off and requesting that port be reenabled. If you need external access to update the machine, you can ask acthelp to reenable the port so that you can update the machine etc.

Further information and help:
  1. Academic Computing and Media Services: acms.ucsd.edu/index.shtml
  2. School of Medicine Information Technology information: http://somit.ucsd.edu
  3. Maybe someone in the group can help :-)
  4. Academic computing help acthelp@ucsd.edu
  5. School of Medicine (SOM) help (fee-based on-site and hence to be used only if essential): x4-4089. somithelp@ucsd.edu