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Philip O. Anderson, Pharm. D., Selected as the SSPPS Representative to the United States Pharmacopea (USP) Council

Philip O. Anderson, Pharm. D., has been selected as the SSPPS representative to the United States Pharmacopea (USP) Council. Dr. Anderson, a graduate of UCSF, has been involved with UCSD Healthcare since 1975. He served as a mentor of San Diego based UCSF students for their Advanced Practice Experiences as well as preceptor and director for San Diego Residency Program in Drug Information. Dr. Anderson was one of the UCSF faculty that was instrumental in developing a School of Pharmacy at UCSD, and since its inception, has been involved in the teaching of informatics, drug information and therapeutics to UCSD students.

Dr. Anderson is a long standing leader in the drug information area, and a co-author of informative texts on the subject. He is also the sole contributor to the National Library of Medicine resource materials on drugs in lactation fluids, entitled "Lact-Med". He, along with Drs. Phil Bourne and Sue McGuinness, have co-edited a recently published text, entitled Pharmacy Informatics, that is now used in UCSD and other pharmacy schools curricula.