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Pharmacoeconomics Forum

Purpose of Applied Pharmacoeconomic and Outcomes Research Forums

The number of individuals in the Southern California region with interest in pharmacoeconomics (PE) is growing rapidly across the healthcare system – from those involved with creation of PE data within pharmaceutical and biotech companies to those incorporating results into decision making within a plethora of managed care organizations. The region provides an excellent opportunity to gather individuals to debate issues, and propose solutions that are vetted from multiple perspectives – not just individual silos defined by employer. The Applied Pharmacoeconomic and Outcomes Research Forum was created to facilitate this cross perspective communication. The goals of the forum are to:

  1. Discuss commonly encountered obstacles to conducting or utilizing results of applied pharmacoeconomic studies and explore solutions from various perspectives of the health care system.
  2. Create an environment and foundation to foster the creation of a Southern California Pharmacoeconomic and Outcomes Research Interest Group

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