Photo Gallery

Irina on a Hike

Bench Pressing Taylor

Rina Builds Taylor a House by His Bench

Rina Exits Front Door After Completing Interior Decorations. Note the Plant and the Rabbit by the Front Door, as Well as the Florida State Seminole Logo

A Lovely View of Birds and Other Wild Life Out the Window of Taylor's New House

Taylor Hard at Work Inside His New Home

Taylor Re-designs Rina's Bay in Return

A Closer View of Taylor's Revenge

Tetsuya Doing an Interpretive Dance while Ling Conducts (a Column)

Rigan-- Nickame for the Inseparable Rina and Morgan

John with Mug Shot from His Latest Arrest.............. Or Maybe It Was a Root Canal.

Lab Orphans-- Buy 10 Oligoes, Get a Stuffed Animal for Free.

Rina and Lauren Build an Orphanage

The Final Product