Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Process

The UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSPPS) is now working on a five-year strategic plan that will assist the school in strategically focusing its efforts in support of the broader UC San Diego mission of teaching, research, and service/patient care.

Message from Dean Brookie Best

UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our Guiding Principles

  • Be bold and curious. This is an opportunity to set an example for what the future of SSPPS should become. ​
  • Be open. Encourage open dialogue and listen to input from a diverse group of stakeholders. ​
  • Be inclusive. Commit to consistent and broad stakeholder engagement throughout the entire strategic process.​
  • Generate clear priorities through a data-driven approach – what to do, AND what not to do. ​
  • Create strategies and commit to identifying, generating, and dedicating the support needed for future success.​


Strategic Planning Team


Dean Brookie Best (Executive Sponsor)

  • Rabia Atayee
  • Linda Awdishu
  • David Bailey
  • Carlo Ballatore
  • Patty Camacho
  • Charles Daniels
  • Vivian Hook
  • Kelly Lee
  • Christina Mnatzaganian
  • Candis Morello
  • Shirley Tsunoda
  • Elizabeth Winzeler

Matthew Collins (Executive Support)


Steering Committee

Ad Hoc Advisors

  • Comms rep
  • HR by phase
  • Finance by phase


  • Scheduling and meeting support

Key Stakeholders

  • Clinical Pharmacy Faculty/Researchers
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences/ Pharmaceutical Chemistry Faculty/Researchers
  • Faculty Directors
  • Students
  • Preceptors
  • SSPPS Committees
  • Key alumni, donors and trustees
  • Administration leaders and staff
  • Corporate/Community leaders
  • Influential Partner organizations