Faculty Research Areas of Expertise

Drug Discovery & Development in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Computational Drug Design
Analytical Toxicology
Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry
Computational Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery and Proteomics Biomarkers
Pharmacology, Educational Research
Neglected Tropical Diseases
Structural Biology of Transporters and Molecular Evolution of Probes
Drug Development for Parasitic Diseases
Analytical Mass Spectrometry
Cardiology, Cardiac Stem Cells
Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Computer-Aided Drug Design, Biophysical Theory and Modeling
Host-Microbe Interaction
Structural Studies of chemokines and their G Protein-Coupled Receptors
Protease-Peptide Pharmacology, Neurological & Degenerative Disease
Architectural Principles of Cell Signaling
Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD’s)
Natural Products Drug Design
Marine Genomics & Drug Development
Infectious Disease & Immunology, Antimicrobial Drug Discovery
Proteolytic Enzymes that are Involved in Disease
Cholinesterase Catalysis, Drug Discovery
Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Chemical Biology
Tropical Diseases
Molecular Recognition in the Cholinergic Nervous System
Transcription, DNA damage & Repair Anticancer Drugs
Drug Development for Microbial Pathogens

Clinical Pharmacy

Kidney Diseases and Kidney Transplantation
Pharmacokinetics, Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases
Pharmacoeconomics, Medication Use Systems, Pharmacy Technology
Solid Organ Transplant
Diabetes, Ambulatory Medicine
Clinical Outcomes of Anticoagulants
Cardiology, Acute Care, Critical Care
Psychiatry and Substance Use Disorders
Infectious Diseases and Clinical Pharmacology
Psychiatry, Burnout, Well-Being, Suicide, Pharmacogenomics
Community and Ambulatory Care Pharmacy
Pain and Palliative Care, Pharmacokinetics, Drug metabolism
Community and Ambulatory Care Pharmacy
Kidney Transplantation, Drug Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics
Acute Care/Intensive Care, Transitions of Care
Infectious Diseases Outcomes Research and Pharmacoepidemiology
Hematology/Oncology and Blood & Marrow Transplant
Liver Transplantation, Drug metabolism, Pharmacokinetics