Outreach Programs

Our faculty, staff, and students are committed to excellence beyond the classroom as we believe in the importance of enriching the lives of future generations and the people in the community. Our outstanding Outreach Programs allow us to give back to the community such as the California Shaman Outreach Program, Park E. Trefts Middle School Summer Science Program, and Student-Run Free Medical Clinics.

California Shaman Outreach Program which introduces the study of botany/ecology, chemistry, and neurobiology to high school students in a unique, hands-on program. The California Shaman Program is dedicated to granting diverse students the freedom and opportunity to engage in scientific experimentation.

Dr. Eduardo Fricovsky’s Park E. Trefts Middle School Summer Science Program & Park E. Trefts Introduction to Microbiology Summer High School Program:

Dr. Fricovsky is the director of the Treft’s Summer Science Programs, in which underrepresented middle- and high-school students in the San Diego County are given the opportunity to learn and practice science.

Founded in 1997, the UC San Diego Student-Run Free Clinic Project seeks to provide high-quality and comprehensive care to uninsured and underserved patients throughout San Diego, who cannot otherwise afford access to care. The UC San Diego Student-Run Free Clinic Project Mission:

"The UC San Diego Student-Run Free Clinic Project, in partnership with the community, provides accessible, quality health care for the underserved in respectful environments, in which students, health professionals, patients and community members learn from each other. We seek to sustain health through: free medical and preventive care, health education and access to social service."