Year 4 of the Curriculum – Experiential


Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

The fourth year of the curriculum is devoted entirely to advanced pharmacy practice experiences, or APPEs, where students learn to apply the skills and knowledge obtained in the curriculum in a variety of patient care settings. Students are assigned to clinical rotations at major teaching medical centers affiliated with the University. Additional elective experiences are available in unique practice sites in the areas including the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, government and a variety of other settings.

Pharm.D. Required Student Research Project

Completing a research project is required of all students and is a prerequisite for graduation. Students are encouraged to consider potential projects beginning in their first year.  Students may complete their research project in any academic year.  For Pharm.D./Ph.D. program students, completion of the Ph.D. thesis project will satisfy this graduation project requirement.

Co-Curricular Program

The Co-Curricular Program organizes and documents the learning environment outside the classroom to focus on activities that are student-centered, learning-focused, and intentional. The goal is to promote high-quality co-curricular activities across the student experiences that build competencies to prepare student pharmacists to be practice-ready and team-ready.