Email Expectations for Students

Email is the normal means of communication between UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSPPS) faculty, administration and students. Use of email is subject to University of California regulations, which are described at: and . Student email is also subject to UCSD Health Care regulations (MCP 18.1). Students are accountable for information in email messages that have been sent to them by UCSD faculty and staff. It is therefore expected that all students will check their email regularly and frequently - daily is highly recommended when courses are in session, but at least every 48 hours is required (unless on vacation). It is recognized that students who are off-campus at very remote locations may not have reliable internet access, but they are encouraged to take advantage of any opportunities they may have to access email. The SSPPS requires for student pharmacists to maintain their email address for official school and course-related correspondence while enrolled at UCSD SSPPS.

Further, automatic email forwarding to a third party email provider(Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) is not permitted, and manual forwarding of UCSD email containing identifiable patient data to a non-UCSD email account is prohibited. These requirements are necessary to comply with relevant SSPPS and UCSD Medical Center policies requiring that email which potentially contains identifiable patient data be stored only on UCSD-maintained servers.

If you need to stop your UC San Diego email from forwarding to a third party provider (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.), send an email message – from that third party email address to confirm that you are the owner of that email account – to requesting that your email mailbox be changed to