Student Organization Participation in Public Health Education Events

 Involving Point-of-Care Blood Testing

Point-of-care blood testing (e.g., glucose, cholesterol) at an event MUST be covered by a CLIA license. It is violation of state and federal law to perform this testing without licensure coverage. As a reminder, no CLIA license is needed for non-laboratory work (e.g., blood-pressure and bone-density measurements).

All events must be Public Health Education Events with the sole purpose of education the public. These are not health assessment events. Prominent signage must indicate the event is a Public Health Education Event.

UCSD SSPPS CLIA Extension Application Process:

  1. Students must complete the new request form and e-mail it to Dr. Bailey at at least 10 days before the event.
  2. Dr. Bailey will review and arrange to have the Thornton Hospital CLIA license extended for the specified event. Each event requires its own request form and approval. The student will be notified of approval by Dr. Bailey.
  3. Students may provide public health education events participants the point-of-care testing result and educate them on the disease, they are not licensed to refer them to a specific medical provider for follow up.  
  4. Please create a sign indicating “UC San Diego SSPPS Public Health Education Event” and visibly post it at the event.

At this time, students cannot participate in the Asian Pacific Healthcare Foundation point-of-care testing, since a different type of license is required and the APHF is currently being reviewed by the county. However, students can participate in the non-blood testing portions of APHF activities. As information becomes available by the county, we will let you know when participation in APHF point-ofcare blood testing is approved.