Entrepreneurs in Community Pharmacy​ (ECP)

ECP LogoEntrepreneurs in Community Pharmacy (ECP) at UCSD exists to promote entrepreneurial spirit within the Skaggs student body to prepare them for the ever-changing community pharmacy landscape, whether it be in the corporate retail setting or the independent pharmacy and related business environment.

Faculty Advisors:  Dr. Eduardo Fricovsky and Dr. Alex Luli

Student Members:

  • President, Melanie Ghosn                                                                                           
  • External Relations VP, Amy Heman and Amanda Bookout                                                                        
  • Internal Relations VP, Sydney Fuertes       
  • Logistics VP, Sara Toma                                             
  • Finance/Fundraising VP, Georges Eid                      
  • Membership Chair, Jessica Gutierrez                                                                                          
  • Secretary/Historian, Katie Becker                                                       
  • Executive Advisor, Sinhye Park