Committee on International Pharmacy Education and Research

Mission Statement

The Committee on International Pharmacy Education and Research (CIPER) is a standing committee of the SSPPS that serves to promote international pharmacy-related educational, outreach and scholarly activities.

In an advisory capacity to the Dean, the committee:

  • develops international collaborations in education, service and research, and,
  • identifies funding opportunities for supporting students and faculty members.

For the functions that follow, CIPER is a subcommittee of the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP). The committee is charged with the responsibility to perform the academic review of all existing and new international programs for pharmacy-related education that do not grant UC San Diego Health Sciences degrees (e.g., doctorate or master’s degrees), or are not part of the ASHP-accredited post-graduate Pharmacy Practice Residency programs at UC San Diego Health. The committee:

  • establishes policies and procedures for selecting training programs and sites for international trainees,
  • assesses quality and examines the impact of pharmacy programs on current student and post-graduate programs and on the utilization of resources at University of California San Diego, an 
  • oversees program assessment and review.

Ad hoc committee members may be sought based on expertise and need for specific international programs.