Facilities – Building Program

Pharmacy Building, West


The UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSPPS) has over 76,000 net assignable square feet (ASF) of dedicated education, research and office space located in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Building (PSB).

The PSB is the primary location for the majority of our activities. It supports multiple uses by providing:

  • Wet and dry research laboratory space, including shared/core support laboratory space and analytical laboratories
  • Faculty/staff/administrative offices and conference rooms
  • Student workroom and storage space dedicated to student use
  • Classrooms and auditorium

The PSB consists of four floors plus a basement. The ground level is home to five lecture-style classrooms, all of which are equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual and lecture-capturing equipment. (One classroom features 3D projection capability, of particular value for structural biology lectures.) The ground level is also home to a clinical simulation lab with four point-of-care patient rooms, along with a conference room and administrative offices. The second, third, and fourth floors contain laboratories, shared conference rooms, and faculty and staff offices, all with a common layout. Whenever possible, similar types of laboratories are grouped together to promote interprofessional collaborations among researchers in the SSPPS.

The PSB’s basement houses the Health Sciences Education Center (HSEC). This comprises a 260-seat auditorium; three break-out rooms (with a retractable wall between two rooms to allow the space to be reconfigured as one large room or two smaller rooms), and a lobby and patio area used for receptions, student events and other activities. The basement also includes additional laboratory space, which houses a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy facility, a proteomics laboratory, and a mass spectrometry laboratory.

Wet Lab

The PSB houses a variety of research equipment and instrumentation available for research activities. We maintain a list of equipment that faculty have agreed to share with colleagues in the school or in other campus departments, and this information is updated and communicated.  Key shared resources include autoclaves; cold, warm and variable temperature rooms, dedicated equipment rooms, and tissue culture rooms with appropriate hoods and other infrastructure.

Data and Computing

The PSB is well equipped for computing and data activities. All offices and labs are wired with 1Gbps ethernet, and some laboratories with high data transfer needs have 10 Gbps ethernet. The entire building provides fast WiFi, with a guest network and password protected internal and Eduroam networks. The building is also equipped to provide emergency power for critical pieces of equipment (refrigerators, freezers, file servers, etc. to ensure research specimens and data are protected during power failures.) The basement of the PSB houses a 313 ASF shared computer room, with a dedicated chiller and air handler for cooling, water-free fire suppression system,10 Gbit network, and generator power back-up. This space houses rack-mounted computers that support databases, web-sites, and high-performance computing associated with faculty-led projects. SSPPS faculty also utilize computing resources at the UC San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). The SDSC provides professionally maintained colocation facilities, world-class expertise in high-performance computing and networking.