Dr. Jennifer Le

Infectious Diseases - Pediatrics

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Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
Director of Experiential Education in Los Angeles- Orange County Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

(858) 534-3692
Research Summary

Dr. Jennifer Le’s primary research interests encompass the safe and effective use of antimicrobial agents, their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties, and outcomes associated with resistant infections in neonatal and pediatric populations. As a board certified pharmacotherapy specialist with added qualifications in infectious diseases, Dr. Le serves as faculty-in-residence at Miller Children's and Women's and Long Beach Memorial Hospitals where she conducts most of her patient-oriented research and supports the residency training program with emphasis in education and research. In addition, Dr. Le serves as the Director for the advanced pharmacy practice experience program in Los Angeles-Orange County.

Some of her current research projects include: pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of vancomycin/ceftaroline/beta-lactams/aminoglycosides/atorvastatin in infants and children; nephrotoxicity associated with antimicrobial agents in children; optimizing outcomes of Gram-positive and negative infections with translational research;  Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia in children; and innovative approaches to improve hospital pharmacy operations to ensure safe and effective medication use.

Academic Achievements

Education: B.S. in Biology (1995) UCLA; Pharm.D. (2000) UCSF; ASHP-accredited Residency in Pharmacy Practice (2001) Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children's Hospital; Board certification in pharmaceutical sciences with added qualification in infectious diseases (2007 & 2014) (BCPS-ID); APhA-certified in pharmacy-based immunization delivery (2008); MAS in Clinical Research (2012). 

Awards and HonorsRO1 Award from NICHD (2018-2022); Pediatric Trials Network Antibiotic Safety in Infants with Complicated Intra-abdominal Infections (2018-2019); Sternfels Prize for Drug Safety Innovation (2018); U54 Specialized Centers in Research in Pediatric Developmental Pharmacology from NICHD (2016-2021); K23 Award from NIAID (2010- 2015); Fellow of ACCP (2011); New Investigator Award from ACCP (2007); Faculty Service of the Year Award at Western Univ. (2009); member of Rho Chi Honor Society; Fellow of CSHP (2013) 

Leadership Experience: Editorial board member for Pharmacotherapy, Pediatric Pharmacotherapy and Infectious Diseases and Therapy Journal; Journal/book reviewer for Pediatr Infect Dis JJ of Antimicrob ChemotherClin Therapeutics and PSAP- Infectious Diseases; Faculty Panel Chair for - PedSAP; Advisory Board Member of Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee for United States Food and Drug Administration; Advisory Board Member for Asian Pacific Health Foundation

  • Intro to Clinical Pharmacokinetics (SPPS 212A)
  • Digoxin and Anticonvulsants Pharmacokinetics (SPPS 212B & 212C)
  • Pediatric Infections (SPPS 246A&B)
  • Pneumonia and Viral Infections (SPPS 246A&B)
  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Vancomycin and Aminoglycosides (SPPS 246A&B)
  • Acute Care Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences
  • Lecturer for Chinese Medical University, Taiwan and Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Vietnam
Key Contributions
  • Effective use of antimicrobial medications in pediatric and adult hospitalized patients.
  • Clinical research in antimicrobial medication utilization in the inpatient setting.
Selected Publications

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Potential Collaborative Programs
  • Identify opportunities for research programs surrounding optimal antimicrobial use and dosing in patients, especially children, with resistant infections
  • Develop service interventions and novel practice models that will improve utilization of antimicrobial medications in hospitalized pediatric and adult patients
  • Conduct pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of antimicrobial agents in pediatrics